Exercise Science

Exercise Science Program of Study

The exercise science program at UNK is designed for students who wish to study the response of the human body to the demands of physical activity. Students pursue careers such as health and fitness directors, exercise technicians, fitness instructors, personal trainers, athletic trainers, cardiac rehabilitation specialists and corporate fitness coordinators. Many students also pursue an undergraduate degree in exercise science as an entry into professional programs such as physical therapy or into graduate schools for advanced study. Students take courses in exercise physiology, energy balance and weight control, wellness interventions, and public health aspects of exercise and receive hands-on experiences in laboratory components. Laboratories are conducted in the human performance laboratory, a state of the art facility equipment for fitness evaluation and body composition analysis where students are able to obtain hands-on experiences which enhances the marketability of our students.

Students take 2-4 hours of field experience and many enjoy working with the Loper Fit Program completing fitness evaluations and designing exercise programs as well as personal training of individuals on campus. Students have opportunities to teach exercise classes and to work in the public schools assessing physical activity levels of elementary school children.

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Exercise Science Program-

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If you are interested in doing your internship, you must first request an internship application and read the Exercise Science Internship Instructions.

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Contact Eve Scantling at (308) 865-8645or scantlingef@unk.edu or Kate Heelan at (308) 865-8180or heelanka@unk.edu.


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