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The BMI Report Card was created and implemented following initiatives promoted in Arkansas and Massachusetts. The BMI Report Card assesses the weight status of school children as a mechanism to increase parental awareness, provide local resources and tips on how to maintain a health body weight.

The BMI Report Card requires the measurement of each student's height and weight for calculation of body mass index (BMI) and plots these results on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts according to age and gender.

The use of the BMI Report Card, in addition to increasing awareness of weight status among parents, generates a useful database for schools, districts, communities and counties. The database, allows communities to objectively evaluate the weight status of children for identifying necessities for interventions and for outcome measures.

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Also avialable below is a video tutorial of the BMI Report card you may have received from your childs school. 

BMI Report Card Video

The BMI Report Card, along with our BMI calculator will allow school nurses access to a BMI calculator and report generator. You may register by contacting Mr. Bryce Abbey at

Upon registration, you will receive a school specific health report card that you may print and distribute to students with personal weight status information. You receive access to our secured website where heights and weights are entered, along with gender and date of birth. A BMI is calculated and percentile ranking is described. Schools can then generate a report by grade, gender, school, district, etc and track over time.

The BMI Reporter is a health reporting and tracking system which can be used by school nurses across the state. The system allows nurses to enter each child's weight and height data, and then reports a BMI.

For more information, or to use the BMI Report Card or BMI calculator, contact: Bryce Abbey at or call             308-865-8336      .

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